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Frequently Asked Questions

Applied to every project!

A 1-1.5 hour meeting where we uncover the full scope of your project (technical needs and timeline). We also Identify what content will be needed for your project. Whatever content we need from you we will draft up a task list and send it over to you as homework.

During this part of the project, as you are acquiring all your content project we are conducting research to assure that we give you best technology and solution for your project.

Once all the content has been gathered from you, we will begin design and/or build your project. We will create a full layout for your website or develop brand guides for your business and then host you on a Zoom call to review. This is the time where can request changes and suggest changes to the flow and aesthetic.

We take your change requests and our final design touches to your website and will schedule another Zoom video call to review your full website.

  1. We will give you a tour of the backend of your website. You’ll learn how to
    1. Add/update products (eCommerce sites)
    2. Fulfill orders (eCommerce sites)
    3. Changes photos
    4. Written text
    5. Adjust your schedule (Booking sites)
    6. And more – depending on your site and your savvy-ness we can adjust our training as need. Post project training is very common as well.

We we’ll send you over a HICO Survey to take in your feedback. We value all of our clients and hope that we can get better at every stage of our process.

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