Refund Policy

HICO Solutions offers a service as a solution. Services centered around branding, web design, and web development, that are particularly time-sensitive. Due to the nature of the HICO Solutions’ offered services, once a project or billable event has been initiated, your investment is non-refundable.

Untouched projects

Upcoming project invoices sent to HICO Solutions clients that have been paid in full or in part, and without any work, time, or effort being exhausted by HICO Solutions are partially refundable. Untouched project invoices will be refunded at 80% of the cost of the project.

Request to cancel ongoing project:

Clients can cancel their ongoing projects with HICO Solutions (please review our refund policy above). If the client asks for completed work, HICO Solutions will deliver completed pieces of content that can be sent as an adobe, .pdf, image, and Microsoft Office file type. Once a project is canceled by a Client, HICO Solutions is not required to offer a final project deliverable.

Paid in Full Refunds

HICO Solutions itemizes project invoices so our clients have an in-depth understanding of our project’s scope of work. If a project is paid in full and then canceled prematurely before all items of the project are complete, the client will not receive any form of refund. Although a project may not be completed, there has been time and effort put into moving certain items of a project forward. HICO Solutions’ projects are not tracked for tasks completed on the behalf of our clients (Unless otherwise discussed for a particular project where “Task Tracking” is part of the scope of work written. Therefore, HICO Solutions cannot offer refunds based on the breakdown of completed tasks. 

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