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Trey was very helpful with planning and over over the steps in my business. I look forward to continuing to the next step of this project thank you so much! I’m excited


Jalisa McMorris

Speaking with Trey was like speaking to a friend about my business ideas and goals. He’s soo helpful and knows exactly how to help me.

Pink Champaigne Laundry Services

Champaigne Patterson

I signed up for a consultation with Trey. He introduced me to what branding “really is”, and how all the pieces come together. He was enthusiastic, clear and very knowledgeable. He gave me valuable information on how to connect to my customers. As a solopreneur, I received guidance on how to see my business as a whole which has helped me streamline and have a more concise direction. I appreciate HICO time and attention.

Finally Be


Today i spoke with HICO about a revamp of my website. One thing i LOVED was he wanted to hear my ideas and actually understand the direction of my brand. I love that he took the time to hear me and feel what my brand repersents. He took the time to explain to me in a way i could understand of what they company does and what direction they could rake my brand. I left the consult feeling empowered and comfortable that i would be putting my site in the correct hands.

6LS All Natural Hair Care

Dominique H

The selfish part of me believes Hico Solutions was created for me and me only!! I LITERALLY DEPEND ON MR. TREY HESTER FOR EVERYTHING!! He’s so patient, very detailed, and most importantly PROFESSIONAL!!! The fact that I can randomly bring a new project to him whenever trusting that he’ll know exactly how to service me because he keeps all of my project notes organized with my file. I’m honestly able to be as illiterate as I want while allowing the expert to be the expert. TREY GETS THE JOB DONE EVERY TIME

TrueBeauty Visions

Coach Tink Bryant

I receive compliments on our website all the time and I am always proud to shout out Hico Solutions. There is no better feeling than being understood and Hico Solutions never leaves a conversation without making sure they understand every detail. It’s so appreciated.

You Yes You! Project

Ericka S.

Subject matter experts! That’s exactly what this team became for my project; they took every nuance, used diligent best practices and research and produced and tangible result that I know will propel my business forward. I am ever so thankful for their professionalism, dedication and efforts!


Lanet S

It was a complete pleasure speaking with Trey regarding my business and potential website. He made me really think about what I would want and need for my site. Thanks so much for being thorough and just nice to talk to! Looking forward to working with HICO Solutions!

Made By MrsChar!

Charlene Wilder

I recently signed up for a Honeybook training session with Trey, and was nothing short of impressed! He walked me through many of the features, explaining things clearly and knowledgably. He took his time and left me feeling confident and excited to use the program for my business. I highly recommend him to anyone needing assistance!

SheEdits LLC

Brianna Membres

Hico solutions met and exceeded all of my needs for my website. Trey was extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process. 5 stars!

Nate Russ Photography

Nate R.

HICO solutions definitely satisfied all of my wants and needs when creating my website for my press on nails business. Also, with creating my logo that truly fits my business and me. I was so happy to see the finished product and would definitely recommend Trey Hester for any logo and web design!


Destiny J.

Trey was amazing with an amazing turnaround time! He revamped my homepage and made everything absolutely perfect! Definitely will be using him again.


Breanna B.

I trusted Hico Solutions to do my website along with several other marketing projects. I couldn’t have trusted anyone better with the job. Trey continues to make sure my website is up to date and working efficiently so I don’t have to! He answers all questions in a timely manner and continues to provide excellent services. You can tell they love what they do at Hico Solutions!

Bombshell Bakes LLC

Brandi N.

HICO Solutions was absolutely wonderful! Trey and Kyle were a joy to work with and they made they were present and professional with me every step of the way. The communication between the owner Kyle and I was great! He made sure I knew exactly what was going on at all times. Our meetings exceeded my expectations. HICO Solutions brought my vision to life, and I am very satisfied with the final product! Thank you so much for helping with B. Rose Destinations brand!

B. Rose Destinations

Bobbi D.

Hico solutions did an excellent job designing my company logo. Trey and Kyle were able to take my thoughts and ideas and transform them into the perfect logo for my business. I look forward to working with them on the development of my website.

Pyramid Rehabilitation

Tracy L.

I’ve never met someone so professional, honest, knowledgeable, humble, understanding, talented, and extremely fast. For example, I gave him literally like four to five tasks and he executed all of those tasks 100%. So, if you’re looking for someone who means business, this is your guy.

Destin Amir

Shaii M.

You had my business at hello! How can I help you? Thank you for taking the time out to listen and try to understand what I’m trying to create with my clothing collection I’m always happy for the feed back with your options to help me move forward before launching my business. Thank you again, hoping to continue working with you in the future..

In A Major Way Fitness

Greg J.

Hico Solutions is my go-to for all my business questions and marketing! Very effective on communication and time management far as getting back with you regarding questions and concerns! One of the best, I’ve ever worked with.

She's Refreshed

DaChe L.

Hico Solutions is my go-to for all of my marketing needs. They are highly professional, prompt, and always educate me of what I am paying for and what comes next. They have stayed with me as my business grows and made my transitions easy!


Chyna G.

I’m forever grateful to have started this journey with HICO Solutions. It was a necessary investment to make towards brand excellence. This team has done a wonderful job managing my vision to perfection! I feel confident that I can deliver the heart of who I am in indoor cycling, because of the solutions they put in place. Their solutions come together as a first-class customer experience for my clients, and I love it! They have my loyalty. Prompt, professional, and knowledgeable…

Natural Measures Cycling

Vikki G.

I contracted HICO solution services for upgrading my current website for proper functionality. The owner was very pleasant and professional and most importantly had an interest in making sure I was comfortable and satisfied through the entire engagement. Effective communication was excellent throughout, which I value most! I strongly recommend HICO solutions for services.

HICO Tax and Consulting

Mia. T

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