Who the hell is HICO Solutions???


And is it pronounced “he-co solutions” or “high-co solutions”? 

Let’s settle this now, it is not “he-co”! 

I’m Trey Hester, Owner, and Designer of HICO Solutions. HICO is a Branding agency that will build you a Brand your audience will love and respect, along with a website that will stand out among the rest!

Our story starts off pretty much the same as yours. (That is if you’re an “African American/Black” business owner that may remotely understand anything about the nuisances of systemic oppression, unconscious biases, microaggression in the workplace, and comes from a family that knows how to cook REALLY well!) I got tired of feeling an overwhelming amount of anxiety in caucasian work environments and decided the next time I get “let go”, I’m letting go of the Fake American Dream! PERIOD (As the SHE. ladies we would say). 

It was last year when COVID-19 was running the streets like the mafia in the ’40s. I received a Microsoft Teams call letting me know my position was being deprecated due to the luxury of service I provided for the company (Cough-BS-Cough). It’s a good thing HICO Solutions had about 3-4 clients at that time. That in combination with my extroverted personality, allowed my small team and me to grow HICO’s book of business into 156 opportunities and about 50 paid clients in less than a year. It has truly been a blessing to serve our wonderful clients from Indiana, Texas, Ohio, Georgia, California, and Bahrain. To see our client portfolio check out our portfolio page. 

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